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The CCC is a non-partisan non-profit dedicated to preventing the most extreme forms of violence. We use a multidisciplinary approach to create innovative solutions to improve public safety, reduce gun violence, and empower communities.

Program Initiatives

Through education, outreach, and collaborative efforts, the CCC empowers individuals to actively contribute to the creation of a safer New York. By involving the community in the development and implementation of violence prevention strategies, we can ensure that every voice is heard, every perspective is considered, and every person plays an important role in maintaining a safe and thriving democracy.

 Youth Gun Violence Prevention

Gang and gun violence are very real problems impacting many neighborhoods throughout New York City. Too often, decisions are made about how to address this violence without considering the opinions of the communities most affected by it. To create effective solutions, we must listen to and uplift the voices of those who understand their neighborhoods best. The CCC provides comprehensive community-based solutions that stop gun violence and promote our youth’s ability to transform their lives.

 Violent Extremism & Targeted Violence Prevention

Violent extremism and targeted violence are complex issues that have become increasingly prevalent in our society. Many people moving toward this kind of hate or grievance-based violence show warning signs long before they act. Family, friends, and bystanders have few options to turn to when they witness behaviors that may be concerning but not criminal. The CCC has developed programs aimed at prevention, early intervention, and community education to stop violence before it starts.


Keeping the public informed is an essential piece of prevention. Click here to see our latest appearances in the media. 

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The CCC relies on contributions from businesses, individuals, and foundations to develop innovative programs, conduct research, educate the community, and seek reform. Your contribution will support the continued success of the CCC. 

Citizens Crime Commission of New York City is a 501c3 organization. All contributions are tax-deductible.

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