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Juvenile Justice

Sustaining Crime Reductions in New York City:
Priorities for Preventing Youth Crime (2015)

New York City's success at driving crime down to unprecedented lows has ushered in a new era of policing: one in which more time is spent preventing crimes than reacting to them. In this report, the Crime Commission recommends that to sustain these crime reductions, the police and the growing body of responsible stakeholders should prioritize efforts that address youth victimization and exposure to violence; develop the youth workforce; enhance legitimacy; break down silos to improve coordination; and address the negative impacts that state and local policies have on youth. read the report »

Guide to Juvenile Justice in NYC (2010)
New York's juvenile justice system has reached a point of extreme crisis. With increasing frequency, reports of fundamental breakdowns throughout the system have come to the public's attention. The city and state governments have responded with substantial reform plans. In light of this increasing attention and the complexity of the juvenile justice system in New York, the Crime Commission has developed a Guide to Juvenile Justice in New York City to enhance the public's understanding of the City's juvenile justice policies. read the guide »

NYC Juvenile Justice Statistics
12,558 = number of juveniles who entered the New York City Juvenile Justice System in 2008 [CWW]

49.4% = percentage of youths released from detention facilities who are readmitted [MMR09]

80% = percentage of youths released from placement who return within three years [OCFS]

95% = percentage of youths entering detention who are of African-American or Latino decent [CA]

83% = percentage of youths in detention who require mental health services [MMR08]

74% = percentage of youths in placement who require substance abuse treatment [OASAS]

40% = percentage of youths admitted to detention who came from only 15 of New York City's 59 community districts [DJJ]

68% = percentage of youths from those 15 community districts who came from areas where poverty rates are between 32% and 46% [DHMH]

$251+ million = total New York City budget for the juvenile justice system in FY2008 [IBO]

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