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Interstate Strike Force

States must unite to put an end to illegal weapons trafficking.
The majority of guns traced to crimes in New York City come from Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Florida [ATF]. In addition, these states also serve as chief suppliers of illegal guns used in crimes in their own states. Illegal guns originate from these states because of their weak gun laws, but also because of a virtually undetectable mode of available transportation on Interstate 95—shamefully dubbed the Iron Pipeline.

Since weapons trafficking crosses a number of state boundaries, complicated jurisdiction and investigative issues abound, and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is simply too small to work on the large number of trafficking cases. The Crime Commission is working with state law enforcement agencies along the Iron Pipeline to mobilize and form an interstate illegal weapons strike force.

The Interstate Strike Force on Illegal Weapons will create an interface to exchange uniform illegal weapons trafficking data that is already being collected in each individual state's data center. This regional approach to law enforcement can help stop illegal weapons from ever reaching New York City.

Top Source States
Top Source States for Firearms Recovered in the New York State (2014) [ATF]:

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1. Virginia (395)
2. Georgia (386)
3. Pennsylvania (371)
4. Florida (292)
5. North Carolina (279)

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