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Guns=Prison Campaign

In response to the significant number of crimes that involve illegal handguns, and the number of police officer deaths caused by gunfire, New York took action to hold accountable those that possess illegal guns. With the support of the Crime Commission, in October 2006, then-Governor Pataki signed into law a significant change to the penalty of carrying an illegal handgun in New York. The law increased the mandatory minimum sentence for illegal possession of a loaded handgun to 3½ years.

In 2007, the Crime Commission launched a public service advertising campaign to fight illegal gun crime. The campaign, with the tagline GUNS=PRISON, highlights the 3½-year prison sentence for carrying an illegal loaded handgun in New York. The poster advertisements are displayed across the city on phone kiosks, in buses and subways, in restaurants, bars, and nightclubs and on billboards.

GUNS=PRISON campaign images by Draft FCB

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