Citizens Crime Commission of New York City

A non-partisan non-profit organization working to make criminal justice
and public safety policies and practices more effective through innovation,
research, and education.

About the Crime Commission

Founded in 1978 by concerned members of the business community,
the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City has been a leader in converting ideas that address crime and protect the economic and social viability of New York City into action for over 30 years. One of the commission's first ideas to be put into action was a plan to make the criminal justice system more effective as a means to reduce street crime that plagued New York City during the 1980s and 90s. As the criminal justice landscape of New York City has changed, the Crime Commission's work has evolved with it. By issuing reports, holding forums, providing commentary to national and local media, and creating innovative projects, the commission has continued to generate new ideas and convert them into action.

Since its formation, the Crime Commission has remained an independent, nonpartisan organization working to reduce crime and to improve the criminal justice system and the safety of New York City.

The Crime Commission also serves on various task forces and groups, including the New York State Law Enforcement Council, a consortium of leading law enforcement professionals that helps determine New York's law enforcement legislative priorities.

The Crime Commission's Board of Directors consists of high-level corporate executives and prominent members of the legal profession. Participation in the group ranges widely across the business, civic, law enforcement and legal communities, which is reflected in the attendance of commission events. In addition to its longstanding ties with local business leaders, the Crime Commission's work brings it into close contact with agencies such as the Office of the Mayor, the Governor, the police, District Attorneys, the courts, and the city and state corrections departments.

Recently, the Crime Commission has successfully supported the greater use of DNA evidence in crime fighting, expanded opportunities for at-risk youth, developed interventions against gun violence, and highlighted the changing nature of the threat of terrorism.

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